World Services of La Crosse, Inc.

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Fact Sheet

World Services of La Crosse Fact SheetWhat

World Services of La Crosse, Inc., is a La Crosse-based nonprofit organization that assists developing countries in creating the infrastructure and environment where democratic processes can be established and sustained.

Through international cultural exchange programs, we provide

  • professional development,
  • leadership training and development,
  • organizational training and development, and
  • international consulting services

that advance health, civil society, public administration and the environment, to promote peace and mutual understanding in countries throughout the world.


World Services of La Crosse partners with local businesses, professionals and volunteers to accomplish its mission. In fact, several local residents have worked internationally through World Services. Additionally, we align strategically with global partners, including Open World Leadership Center, Sister Cities International and USAID Community Connections, to have greater effect in building and sustaining a more secure and prosperous world.


World Services of La Crosse, Inc., was founded in 2001. It began its international work in 1992 as a cooperative partnership between two local health care organizations and La Crosse's Sister City program with Dubna, Russia. It has expanded its vision to become a leader in providing real-life experiences and sustainable solutions in the countries it serves.


The world is becoming a smaller and smaller place. What one country does affects another and another. The United States is not immune. Relationships with global neighbors can mean the difference between poverty and prosperity, disease and good health, war and peace.

Clearly, this is not a task that any one party can accomplish alone. As government works on high-level accords, real change happens one-on-one. It happens when organizations from different parts of the world share knowledge and resources and when individuals, despite different cultures and philosophies, become colleagues or even friends. True change then can take root in local communities, paving the way for change on an international level.


Initially, World Services' work was focused on Eurasian countries, such as Republic of Georgia, Russian Federation and Ukraine. In recent years, the organization has branched out to other parts of the world, including Central America and Africa, to support developing countries around the globe. Today, our international cultural exchange program has reached 13 countries, with more than 2000 international visitors hosted by volunteer professionals and families in Wisconsin and 24 other states.


World Services relies on grants and the generosity of private donors and volunteers. Tax-deductible contributions help strengthen communities, improve quality of life at home and abroad, increase international understanding and promote peace around the world.