World Services of La Crosse, Inc.

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Developing Leaders & Infrastructure

World Services of La Crosse: Developing Leaders & InfrastructureMore people live under democratic rule than at any time in human history, yet many of the world's democracies are young or fragile. They struggle with such things as addressing youth at risk, controlling the spread of tuberculosis and sexually-transmitted diseases, making government accountable, ensuring the rule of law, fostering economic development, engaging citizens in non-government organizations (NGOs) and managing water safety and waste disposal to name a few.

Since 1992, World Services, with its international expertise and a proven track record, has been working with Eurasian countries to address these and many other complex issues that may appear insurmountable. With its professional staff and skilled support network, the company addresses infrastructure, professional development and leadership needs by implementing strategic planning, human resource development and change management. World Services provides in-country consultation and assistance in proposal development.