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World Services Newsletter Summer 2016

Building Peace
2016 Citizen Diplomacy Honorees

Many people are surprised to learn just how many global exchanges and partnerships occur in the Coulee region.  On April 19, 2016. World Services recognized the efforts and progress of local people reaching out in the world.

This year’s honorees include

•     Jay Lokken as World Services Citizen Ambassador of the Year;
•     Sara Sullivan as World Services Citizen Diplomat of the Year; and
•     Samantha Helgeson as World Services Student Ambassador of the Year.

 Read here for more information about the 5th Annual World Services Citizen Diplomacy event.

Connecting Communities
Sister Cities International

World Services also recognized the dedication to citizen diplomacy by Coulee region Sister City  leaders who connect La Crosse with global friends in Epinal, Dubna, Luoyang, Friedberg, Bantry, Forde, and Kumbo.

Learn more here about Sister Cities history including the original speech by President Eisenhower at the White House Conference on September 11, 1956 that established the People-to-People Program.

Bristol Myers Squibb
Cancer Care Nursing Projects: 2010 - 2016

World Services' volunteers in Russia and the U.S. made an impact on the role of Russian nurses in cancer care through projects sponsored by Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation. The multi-year "Bridging Cancer Care" and "Moscow Oblast Cancer Care Center of Excellence" initiatives partnered cancer care nurse/physician teams, nursing educators, and health clinics in the Saratov and Moscow Oblast to enhance cancer care patient education, screening, and referral to oncology specialists. Read more here.


Save the Date!
Coulee Region Global Initiatives Week
November 4 - 11, 2016

Watch for Events Schedule here